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Emma Campaign Against Living Miserably
Campaign Against Living Miserably

My Story

Everyday 12 men die from suicide. That's 84 a week and over 4000 a year. These are sons, brothers, friends, partners and colleagues.

I lost my brother in 2005 and have friends who have lost family and colleagues in the last few years; it is a story, sadly, too often repeated.

It's for this reason, in 2019 I shall be taking on 12 marathons in 12 months so we can continue to save young men's lives.

So I am registered to take place in:
Greater Manchester Marathon (7th April) - DONE
Brighton Marathon (14th April) - DONE
Newport Marathon (5th May) - DONE
Edinburgh Marathon (26th May) - DONE
Yeovil Marathon (9th June) - DONE
New Forest Marathon (8th September) - DONE
Richmond Marathon (15th September) - DONE
Loch Ness Marathon (6th October) - DONE
Amsterdam Marathon (20th October) - DONE
Dublin Marathon (27th October) - DONE
Harrogate Marathon (10th November) - DONE
Portsmouth Marathon (22nd December) - DONE

See you at the finish line!

Thank You

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Campaign Against Living Miserably