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Chris's Fight For Kiwi
Chris's Fight For Kiwi

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1307 days ago, Christoffer created this page and gave everything for Kiwis for kiwi:

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My Story

Forget Floyd Mayweather vs Pacquiao, forget Nate Diaz vs Conor Mcgregor, forget Batman vs Superman. This is the money fight right here. On Friday 11th of November I am stepping into the ring for three intense rounds of good old fashioned boxing.

I am doing this for two reasons
1. To challenge myself physically and mentally
2. To raise money for a good cause.

Kiwi for kiwi is an organisation that raises money to protect our native kiwi, our national symbol.
Before we set foot in this country they flourished, living their life in peace without the fear of predators.
Now they are fighting for their lives everyday.

Kiwi for kiwi is working to reverse the current 2% decline of kiwi and instead growing the national kiwi population by 2% every year.
This boxing event is contributing 100% towards that.
What difference does your donation make. $100 keeps a kiwi and its offspring safe for a year which means more kiwis for next year, yay!
My aim is to help raise $1500 towards that goal.
Help us reach that target, your support will keep New Zealand beautiful.

Please be a champ and donate generously. If everyone donates $50 I will reach my target in no time. A great way to give to charity is to team up with a few mates and give as a team.

Your support is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Thank You

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