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Andy's TEAM World Vision
Andy's TEAM World Vision

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1642 days ago, Andy created this page and gave everything for World Vision of New Zealand:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.

  • Received 28 donations from generous family and friends.

  • Raised $2,903.87.

My Story

NEW 2017 CHALLENGE - 3 events at the World Masters Games in April followed by back to back full 42.2km Marathons in New York & a week later Las Vegas. On my return I will top it off with a 2.9km Auckland Harbour Ocean Swim (see below).

My main focus is to raise money for the less fortunate which I do via the great work World Vision does. (see section 2 for my latest $7000 target)

With the UN 23:1 Food Program in conjunction with World Vision,
every $1 you give gets $23 worth of food to the world's hungriest children.

See www.rockgod.co.nz (my own advert free website) for my whole story, training program, why I get involved with missions and other cool stuff.

SECTION 1 - 2016
I have just completed 5 full 42.2km marathons in 1 year for World Vision, firstly raising over $2600 for my first marathon on another World Vision fundraising site and then raised $2584 on this site up to October 2016. This figure then gets multiplied for the UN Food Program so is worth 10's of thousands more in food :-)

SECTION 2 - 2017
My next target is to raise $7000 so need some very generous people to get behind me on this one as fundraising is way harder than training and running marathons!!!!!!!

1 = I will be competing competitively in the World Masters Games in Auckland in April in the 45-49 year old category in the Half Marathon event, 200m sprint race and the 10000m long distance track race (25 laps). My goal is to come a maximum of halfway in the field for the Half Marathon in a time of under 1.39 hours and a maximum of 2nd to last in the other 2 events I have never done before. Possibly 29 sec for the 200m and under 42 mins for 10000m.

2 = I also gained entry to the New York Marathon, the biggest in the world so this will be the highlight of my short running career to date. 50000 run this and only 17% gain entry like I did via the lottery vote so very honoured to be running a full marathon for World Vision in my 3rd continent and 4th country. I am aiming for a personal best time of at least 3.45 hours if not better.


  • 1 year = 5 full 42.2km Marathons
  • 4 of these were within 6 months of each other
  • 3 of these were within 12 weeks of each other
  • one was run in 33 degree (92 F) heat

  • 1st Nov 2015 - Auckland, New Zealand - completed in 4:01

  • 30th April 2016 - Rotorua, New Zealand - completed in 3:55

  • 7th Aug 2016 - Siem Reap, Cambodia - completed in 4:38 - run in 33 degree (92 F) heat

  • 18th Sept 2016 - Sydney, Australia - completed in 3:59

  • 30th Oct 2016 - Auckland, New Zealand - completed in 3:53

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