Abbie's "Fight for Kiwi" Kiwis for kiwi
Abbie's "Fight for Kiwi"
Kiwis for kiwi
Abbie's "Fight for Kiwi"
Abbie's "Fight for Kiwi"

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1303 days ago, Abbie created this page and gave everything for Kiwis for kiwi:

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My Story

I'm stepping into the boxing ring on 11 November to shine a light on kiwi recovery.

Kiwis are one of our most iconic species and part of our national identity. They are found nowhere else in the world and are pretty darn special. Sadly around 27 kiwi are killed every week by predators. At that rate (2% decline), kiwi may disappear from mainland New Zealand in your lifetime.

Knowing that kiwis are threatened with extinction, inspired me to put my body on the line to support "Kiwis for kiwi" by increasing awareness and raising money.

How we live has an impact on the species and ecosystems that share our environment with us. Protecting and investing in our natural heritage is everyones responsibility. Working together is the only way we will ensure that all kiwis, feathered and non-feathered alike, will have a future.

Please support my Fight for Kiwi, using the 'Give Now' button and please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

Let's save kiwi from extinction.

Thank You

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