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Following the success of Walk for the Dogs in 2016 / ´17 Dermot has decided to go again.
Walk for the Dogs-2 is now under way, equipment is being assembled and the route is being fine tuned.

The task has two parts.
Part 1
Will take place in June of this year will involve 10 days trekking along the GR10 hiking route in the French Pyrenees, the GR10 is a mountain route and will help with conditioning for the second part.
The great GR10 Trail runs from the town of Hendaye on the Atlantic coast to the town of Banyul Sur Mer on the Mediterranean, crossing passes and traversing ridges, plunging into and back out of deep valleys.
The entire trail takes 55 days to complete so Dermot will be taking on the first stages.

Part 2
Will take place in July of 2019 and this will be a 400km crossing of Iceland from the town of Husavik on the North coast to the town of Vik on the South coast.
The final route is currently being finalised but it will make use of the Icelandic "F" Road network for four wheel drive vehicles.
F-roads are the roads that journey across the highlands of Iceland. They are mountain roads, and they are effected by seasonal changes and closures depending on the weather conditions.
F-roads are unpaved tracks that are subject to many changes, many aren't maintained and they frequently cross rivers.
Although there are several locations where food can be bought along the planned route Dermot´s plan is to transport all necessary equipment and supplies for the trek.
The entire trek should take 18 days, 16 walking and 2 rest days crossing the arid highlands and skirting the Vatnajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers.
The major challenges of the trek is the lack of water during the crossing of the highlands followed by river crossings combined with covering at least 25kms per day.

The reason Dermot has decided to leave a longer time in the run up to the final part of the challenge is in order to exceed to amount raised last year.


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