In memory of my Daughter #Chaela Heart Children Ireland
In memory of my Daughter #Chaela
Heart Children Ireland
In memory of my Daughter #Chaela
In memory of my Daughter #Chaela

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JUNIOR ZOOM TURBO MARATHON Sunday 28th June from 9am-3pm.

As many of you know, our cherished Pulse TC Junior member, Michaela (Chaela) Gonda, passed away three years ago as a result of a cardiac event. Chaela would have turned 13yrs old last Friday.

Chaela was an adorable little girl. She loved triathlon and loved her club. Parents, Mike & Yvonne, have told us many times how proud she was to be a Pulser, and how she loved wearing her Pulse hoody.

My own abiding memory of Michaela is from one of our Junior Duathlons in Corkagh Park. She was about 9yrs old at the time. She fell off her bike during her race. Dad and the closest marshals went over to tend to her. Seconds later she jumped back on her bike and finished the race, with her Dad running beside her to cross the finish line. She was beaming when I saw her later with her medal around her neck. I often think of Michaela that day when I have to dig deep in a race. The way she got back up on her bike and finished the race inspires me to this day.

Mike Gonda marks the occasion of his daughter’s passing every year by doing something in her honour. He has done numerous Ultra races, Marathons, Ironman races, Triathlons etc. This year on her anniversary (12th May), Mike climbed higher than Everest on his bike on a turbo trainer. Instead of ‘Everesting’ to 8,848m, Mike climbed 10,000m. Many of us tuned in to watch him doing it. He raised €7,259.51 for Heart Children Ireland. We hope to add to that on Sunday.

Many of the Juniors from various Junior Clubs currently doing the Zoom sessions, and those who took part in the TI Challenges, would have raced with Michaela. We thought it would be a really nice tribute to her if her own peers could do something to raise money for this very worthy cause.

We would love to see lots of Juniors participating in the event. Juniors are invited to submit the duration that they plan to stay on their turbo. The duration has to be age appropriate and we can offer guidance on that. We hope to have a rota of Juniors on turbo trainers from 9am-3pm with everyone doing their bit.

Juniors who don't have access to a turbo trainer can do an outdoor cycle (with adult supervision). Log on to the Zoom session, tell us what you plan to do, then come back and tell us how it went.

Mike Gonda will be doing the full 6hrs!!!

There will be coach/adult supervision on the Zoom session all day.

Rumour has it that if we hit a certain target, Fergus Walsh is finally going to shave off that beard he has been cultivating for the last 4 months!!

Any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to ask. juniors@pulsetri.com

Hope to see everyone at some stage on Sunday! Zoom log in details will be sent on separately.

Dee and The Pulse Junior Committee

I've created this page because I want to make a difference.Every year on the anniversary of my Daughter Chaela Gonda, I always attempt to mark the occasion by doing something in her honour, I have done Ironmans, triathlons and Marathons for #Chaela. This year on the 12th of May in memory of my Daughter's 3rd anniversary and due to COVID-19 restrictions, I will attempt to cycle Mount Everest virtually climbing a total of 8,848 meters up the steepest of inclines. Instead of 8,848, I will attempt to exceed it by climbing 10,000 meters. Chaela passed away suddenly following a cardiac event, she had attended and was looked after by Children's Cardiac Unit in Crumlin Hospital. So to pay it back for the excellent care she received I will attempt to do this grueling cycle to raise as much funds as possible to help other children like Chaela. I'm inspired by the work of Heart Children Ireland and this year I will be doing they cycle for them. Please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

It will be on Facebook Live on Tuesday early morning.

Thank you so much,
Mike Gonda

Thank You

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