Good Idea at the Time: Alan's fundraising Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT)
Good Idea at the Time: Alan's fundraising
Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT)
Good Idea at the Time: Alan's fundraising
Good Idea at the Time: Alan's fundraising

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1283 days ago, Alan created this page and gave everything for Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT):

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My Story

UPDATE 30th April 2018:

Now on the final leg to the FInish Line of my challenge series. It's now just over two months to go before the BIG one: with one or two in the meantime!

Last year, I managed to complete a total of 10 challenges:

  • A1EE Mount Leinster TAB, Feb. '17
  • Regents Park BHF 5km, Mar. '17
  • Great Ireland Run 10km, Apr. '17
  • ICHC 150ft Abseil, Apr. '17
  • El Juanar-Istan 18km Mountain Hike, July '17
  • A1EE SF Endurance 17.5km TAB, July '17
  • Dingle Half-marathon, Sept. '17
  • QUEST Achill Adventure Race, Sept. '17
  • Tough Mudder, London South, Sept. '17
  • Construction Rocks, Scala London, Oct. '17

And so far this year (2018) I've completed four more:

  • Brixton 10km, January 2018
  • Richmond Park Half-marathon, February 2018
  • QUEST Kenmare 50km Adventure Race, March 2018
  • Great Ireland 10k Run, April 2018

In 2 days I'll be doing the Tower of London 10k Run...and then the Para's 10 (10 mile Loadbearing TAB) and the ultimate: The AEE SF Endurance March, the Fan Dance in July.

Over the next 12 - 18 months I'll be undertaking a series of rigorous personal and physical challenges and events to raise funds for a number of charities.

My selected charity in Ireland is the Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT), based at and working with SVPH in Dublin.

I've a more than a passing personal interest in the great work the team at the SVPH do to treat, help, and, hopefully in more and more cases these days, cure those afflicted by cancer, in all its insidious forms - Basically their fantastic team have treated friends, family, and continue to treat very close family members.

CCRT are helping support the work toward the research to treat, and who knows, maybe someday cure, cancer. It's time to give something back to all those engaged in finding new treatments and engaging in new research.

Please support me on my journey - and make sure to donate in support of the CCRT.

Well, it did seem like a good idea at the time!!

So......what on earth is this #GoodIdeaAtTheTime malarkey all about?!?!

Here's what it is and what I'm going to do:

Set some ridiculous goals and achieve them. Push myself to where I think my limits lie - and then grit my teeth and push through those limits. This won't be easy. It's not meant to be. That's the point.

And, hey, whilst I do this thing – whilst I go on this journey – I'll try to help others: Raise funds and awareness for a number of charities close to my heart.

So here we are, in January 2017, and after months of preparation and planning, this is the rough list (in roughly the correct order) of the challenges I have set for myself (gradually increasing in difficulty over the next 12-18 months), culminating in something that will either make or break me:

  • 5k Run
  • 10k Run
  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Abseil
  • Half Marathon
  • Parachute Jump
  • Olympic Triathlon
  • Adventure / Gaelforce-type Event
  • Tough Mudder
  • Spartan Race
  • The Pen Y Fan “Fandance”

And anything else tough, difficult, and challenging (read "scary") that takes my fancy.

Why? Simply put: Why not.

All the while (frankly, this is the most important part as far as this Page is concerned), I’m hoping to raise funds at each and every step along the journey for my selected charities – They are all great organisations, doing fantastic work, supporting the causes they relate to, and helping many many people fight the illnesses and diseases life throws at them.

Thank you to all who've inspired me to take this journey - and to those who've supported me (oft-times unbeknownst to themselves through their quiet encouragement).

Please do spread the word and please support me on this journey - and more importantly support the chosen charities and the causes they work so hard for.

As I'll no doubt tell myself many times along the way - it won't be easy, life isn't - but it did seem like a good idea at the time!




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