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22q11 Ireland 2018 Challenge
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22q11 Ireland 2018 Challenge
22q11 Ireland 2018 Challenge

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Our Story

So we completed our multi mountain challenge and its bow over to Rosanne who will be running the Dublin mini marathon along with her colleagues. 100% of all donations go directly to our charity.

Her's a recap of why we're doing this.

Most of you already know Finns story but for those who dont, here's a short version.
When Finn was born he had a heart murmer which then lead to open heart surgery at 3 months old. He was then diagnosed with Di George syndrome or 22q as its more commonly known.

His recovery with his heart has been great and he gets a yearly check up now to check the patch. He has been in physio for 3 years now due to low muscle tone and this has in turn caused the curve in his spine and he was diagnosed with scoliosis. Finn has been wearing an upper body casting for a year now and is scheduled to have surgery for growing rods this year.

Finn's is severely delayed in his speech so will be assigned a communication device for when he starts school this year. Don't be fooled though, this doesn't stop him letting us know exactly what he wants and when!
His wee character shines through everyday and he's the toughest cookie ive ever had the pleasure of meeting! . His brothers are fantastic with him and they got on great together. He also loves tormenting his dog Buster!
Finn's charity 22qIreland really helped us with support and information when he was diagnosed and i'm just trying to do my bit to help out as there is still no official funding received at all!!
If you can help, fantastic, your donation is really appreciated. If you're not able to thats ok as well because its also about raising much needed awareness for 22q11 Ireland!
Thanks a million from myself,Rosanne, Finn and 22qIreland.

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