The Regals' CATS Abridged Edition supporting RSPCA NSW RSPCA NSW
The Regals' CATS Abridged Edition supporting RSPCA NSW
The Regals' CATS Abridged Edition supporting RSPCA NSW
The Regals' CATS Abridged Edition supporting RSPCA NSW

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534 days ago, The Regals Musical Society created this page and gave everything for RSPCA NSW:

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My Story

The Regals Musical Society Inc. www.theregals.com.au created this page to raise funds for RSPCA NSW www.rspcansw.org.au
We saw in our May 2019 production of CATS Abridged Edition an ideal opportunity to support RSPCA NSW’s important work of caring for and protecting NSW's neglected, hurt and homeless animals. RSPCA NSW's programs that sustain life-giving connections between disadvantaged people in the community and their animals are also vital and inspiring.
CATS Abridged Edition is a shortened version of the acclaimed Andrew Lloyd Webber musical phenomenon, and is performed by two casts of children 7-12 and 13-18 years old. It tells the story, in song and dance, of a tribe of cats who come together once a year to celebrate the Jellicle Cat Ball, and to choose the one special cat who will be reborn to the 'Heaviside Layer'. We welcome you to attend any of our shows 24th May - 1st June 2019, and meet the many intriguing Cats characters that each tell a different story of their lives and personalities. Read more and buy tickets here; www.theregals.com.au
Please help us help the RSPCA NSW by giving whatever you can, using the 'Give Now' button. The more people that know about RSPCA NSW's programs, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family.
· $5 can pay for treats for an animal while they’re in the care of RSPCA NSW

· $10 can pay for the blankets to help keep an animal warm in winter

· $10 can provide an enrichment toy to an animal, keeping them happy whilst they wait for their new family

· $15/$20 can provide a homeless cat with a bed, a litter tray and toys

· $25 can help provide ongoing flea treatment for a neglected dog

· $30 could provide the medication to combat a serious case of feline Calicivirus

· $40 can heat a kennel and keep an abandoned dog warm

· $50 could pay for the milk our foster carers need to bottle feed a litter of abandoned kittens

· $50 could provide a kennel, bath, treats and a toy for an abused dog

· $50 could provide one week of antibiotics for an animal recovering from surgery

· $75 could help pay for the transport of multiple animals to other shelters to increase their hopes of being adopted

· $100 could keep an Animal Ambulance on the road, rescuing injured dogs and cats

· $115 can desex a male kitten so he can go up for adoption

· $200 will provide vaccinations and microchips for animals living in remote and regional areas

· $250 can help keep one of our brave inspectors on the road fighting animal cruelty

· $350 can subsidise the cost of prosecuting a cruelty offender in the NSW courts

· $400 can go towards keeping an inspector on the road fighting animal cruelty

· $5000 can help provide free health checks to animals in need in a disadvantaged community

· $5000 can help cover the costs of a parvo vaccination drive in a disadvantaged community

· $5000 can treat the dental diseases and skin infections of a dog rescued from a puppy factory
Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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