Skateboarding for Human Rights. Amnesty International Australia
Skateboarding for Human Rights.
Amnesty International Australia
Skateboarding for Human Rights.
Skateboarding for Human Rights.

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My Story

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit. As part of my skateboarding and street performing challenge, I have decided to raise funds for Amnesty and Swags for Homeless.

For 2015/2016 i will be living from street performing as I skateboard around Australia's perimeter. This is a personal challenge that i am inspired to take on and i can see the opportunity for raising well needed funds for Amnesty and swags for Homeless.

I'm inspired by the opportunity of doing something that can inspire others and hope that by my following my own dreams and goals, others will be inspired to follow there dreams and goals.

I have this theory that if everyone made a conceded effort to do the best by ourselves and the human race as a whole, then we would have a much more harmonious life on planet Earth.

It is however difficult to conceive that this will occur in the short term, but there is always hope and we can always dream. Imagine if the whole world was dreaming of peace and equality at the same time, I'm sure that would have a positive impact.

There are literally trillions of dollars being passed around the global monetary system, but such little assistance and wealth is distributed to the 3rd world and poorer people of the planet. This is one of the reasons why i chose to fundraiser for Amnesty and Swags for Homeless.

Amnesty stand up for the rights of people who are being treated unfairly by government bodies around the world. They don't always manage to save people but they are there trying where no one else is.

Thousands of human rights issues are being tackled and bought to our attention each year by Amnesty International. Amnesty need our support so they can support us.

While you are here, please consider giving to this cause and help us to raise $50'000 for Amnesty's good work to continue.

$50'000 is a small chunk out of the trillions that are going around each year. By directing a little extra to causes like Amnesty, we strengthen Amnesty's foot hold on human rights issues and support them in the work they do for the underprivileged and those who are being treated unjustly around the world. #################################
Visit Amnesty's website and follow them on face book to keep up with the work they do and read more about issues we are facing around the world.

Follow me on Facebook to find out more and keep up with my skating and music adventure.

On behalf of Amnesty International, Thanks for your support - find out more at:

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