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Team Dylan

My Story

Hi, my name is Dylan and I am 16 years old.
I have cerebral palsy. This means that I have a brain injury that affects how I control my body. I need help to do things for myself and some things have to be done for me.

I am practising using my motorised wheel chair and gaining more independence and skills everyday. Everything I do takes time and lots of practice. I am practising using eye gaze technology and walking in my frame at high school.

I use a wheelchair most of the time. I also travel in our van in my chair which makes it easier for mum and dad or if I’m going out with friends.

We love our van but it is getting older and noisier and is a bit of a bumpy ride for me, in the back. We are hoping to get a newer van in the next 12 months and we would love your help,

To help me achieve my goals you can:-

Join us at Riverwalk, a 5km walk for brain injury, in August each year at Orleigh Park West End.
and ask friends and family to sponsor you.

Send this page to all your family and friends.

Any donations of $2 or over are tax deductible.

We thank you all for your love and support. If you have any enquiries please contact Mark and Louise personally at louise.mark@optusnet.com.au or Louise on 0423 968 112.

More about Dylan

I have two main challenges in life – being able to move around and communicating what I’m thinking and feeling.

But the biggest obstacle for me is often the one that’s about how other people see me – they don’t presume that I’m intelligent. Just because I don’t have speech, it doesn’t mean that I have nothing to say.

People I interact with often don’t understand that I’m using many different channels of communication to express myself. I use my voice, my face, my eyes, my actions, my head, or sometimes my whole body to let you know what I’m thinking or feeling.

I use lots of different ways of communicating. My best way of talking is using a speaking machine and activating it with my eye gaze. I have to stay very still which is tricky for me. I am learning a new system of forming complex language.

I also work really hard with my conductive education therapists and practice sitting and standing and walking. I am very busy and this takes a lot of effort and time but I love getting stronger and being helped to do as much for myself as possible.

I love school and this year I am in year 11. I am preparing for life when I finish school at the end of next year. I am exploring ideas, including running my own business, painting and helping out at the Sensitivity Unit, a place for education about disability and inclusion.

I want to present at events and help to educate people about disability and be a mentor for younger non verbal people. I am presenting at the Sensitivity Unit fundraiser on the 2nd of September. If you’d like to come along and support the fundraiser and hear me speak follow this link http://www.trybooking.com/przh

A word from Louise and Mark(Dylan’s parents)
Dylan our oldest, and much loved son, was born in 2001 and sustained a brain injury which resulted in athetoid cerebral palsy.
He is a loving, intelligent boy who loves music, socialising with his friends and family, painting, going to the beach, swimming, cooking(and eating) with Sharlene, visiting the Museum and the Art Gallery and hanging out in our back yard with his brother Harry, our dog(Biscuit), our cat(Button) and several chooks(Stinky, Chocolate Brownie, Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma and Fluffers.)

Our vision for Dylan to be happy, healthy and able to live life to the fullest has carried us all through many changes, much learning and growth; physical, emotional and spiritual. He is a valuable member of our community. He has so much to teach us all about patience, slowing down and appreciating the little things in life. We are committed to helping Dylan fulfil his desire to share his gifts and knowledge with the world.

Riverwalk is the annual fundraising event organised by The Developing Foundation to enable us to fundraise for our own child. Fundraising allows us the flexibility to choose the therapies and equipment that work best for Dylan, promoting inclusion in the able bodied world.

Thank You

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