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My Story

1 in 2 people will be affected by Cancer by age 85. 
Cancer does not discriminate.
It can, and does, affect people of all ages and walks of life.

Rob has teamed up with family and friends to do his bit to end cancer and he needs your help!

100% of proceeds given on this site go DIRECTLY to the AUSTRALIAN CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION for cancer research for ALL cancers. Rob and his team donate their time and take zero costs out of money raised. They have purchased all sausages and goods with their own money as their own personal donation on top of their time. No money has been taken from any proceeds raised. They are registered with the ACRF for fundraising and insurance purposes.

A little bit about Rob:

Bowel Cancer survivor Robert Kendall has always had sky diving on his 'to do' list and finally got to do it for his 76th birthday on the 15th of March 2014 alongside his mates Glenn and Warwick who together 'JUMPED FOR CANCER'.

In 1995 Rob was almost denied the opportunity when his near death experience with Bowel Cancer gave him what he calls 'a wake up call'.

Robs mate Brett Le Cornu was not as lucky and passed away from a Brain Tumor at age 43 in April 2013. Brett was booked to go sky diving but sadly became too ill and passed away without getting the chance!

Robert and the guys took Brett's ashes with them on the SKY DIVE FOR CANCER. You can see pics and read more about it on the Oldmansmoment web page:


Rob, originally from NSW began his career in 1977 working for Westfield in Sydney in the Architectural division from which he resigned in1987 to to start his own practice.

Three years into his practice he was invited to join the Lang Hancock organisation as their NSW Architectural representative and was prospering in the times of what Paul Keating announced to be (Quote) "the recession we had to have".
The business was flourishing up until the news came in March 1992 that Mr Hancock had suddenly passed away. It was on that day that everything came crashing down. Mr Kendall's nine employee's had to be released from employment and Mr Kendall lost everything he had worked hard to achieve including his business, home and livelihood.

At aged 57, Mr Kendall had to rely solely on his parallel career as a jockey to make ends meet.
In June 1995 he followed his jockeys career to Ballina with his soon to be wife Vicki.

Upon obtaining a mandatory medical for his jockeys license it was found he had an advanced stage of bowel cancer.
He was immediately admitted to hospital where testing found he had just 1ltr of blood in his body.
26hrs of blood transfusions commenced and were followed up by an operation.
Mr Kendall will never forget the moment he was wheeled into the operating theatre on the cold steel trolley. The surgeon placed his hand on his shoulder and said "Mr Kendall, we have about a 15% chance of getting you out of this".
In which Mr Kendall replied "Don't worry, I'll be back, I've got too much to do".
He awoke from the operation soon to be told some more bad news, that his father had passed away.

There were four patients in ward C at Lismore Hopsital and day by day the other 3 out of 4 became the 85%.
Mr Kendall was still determined to be in the 15%.

Just 38 days after the operation he rode his fiancee Vicki's horse 'Neiwtun' to victory, coming 1st in the Lismore race meet.
Nine months later Rob and Vicki became Mr & Mrs Kendall and went on to have two beautiful children, Carlie and Alex.

With four children to his previous marriage he has 6 children, 8 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.

Now on the Gold Coast, Mr Kendall lives a quiet simple life yet likes to get out, have fun and remains physically active.
You will find him at the Gold Coast Turf club 6days a week working with the horses.
He has a passion for life and to 'live it to it's fullest'.

After surviving cancer himself and recently losing a close friend to brain cancer & recently his sister to cancer Rob is DETERMINED to help find a cure for cancer, "for the future of our children and grandchildren" and is asking the community to support him in his commitment by pledging a donation.
After much research, The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) was chosen as the number one preferred cancer research charity due to the nature of this organisation and the incredible fundraising they do for research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
There has been some amazing cancer breakthroughs with the research they have funded, one being the Cervical cancer vaccine founded by Professor Ian Frazer and his team from the University of QLD which is now being implemented worldwide and will go on to save up to 250,000 lives per year.
The ACRF provides cancer research grants to the best scientists working towards ALL types of cancer who are committed to speeding up discoveries for this devastating disease.
Established in 1984, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has become a leading cancer charity and not-for-profit organisation in Australia. In total, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation has awarded $95 million in cancer research grants (two thirds of this amount in the last eight years) to world-class Australian research initiatives.

Be sure to log on to Facebook and 'Like' the page www.facebook.com/Oldmansmoment
to keep up with fun events that we will be hosting.

Other ways you can help?

  • Brainstorm ways you may be able to help fight this terrible disease and propose them to Rob and crew.

  • Propose a dare or challenge for Rob!

  • Ask your loved ones to give to the ACRF in leiu of presents for a birthday, wedding or funeral, just as Morgan did for her 9th birthday! (What an amazing kid!).

All other enquiries can be made via the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/oldmansmoment
or email:

100% of proceeds raised by our cause are given to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation for cancer research via the Everyday Hero giving platform. (Unfortunately Everyday Hero do ave their optional admin fee for processing all the payments and there is no getting around this).😔

All donations $2 and over are tax deductible.


Team Oldmansmoment


An 'out there' bunch having fun with the aim to leave this world a better place! A CANCER FREE place!
Please support us with your sponsorship. Money raised will be given DIRECT to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation to support the ongoing research in finding the cure at a cellular level.

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Team Oldmansmoment


An 'out there' bunch having fun with the aim to leave this world a better place! A CANCER FREE place!
Please support us with your sponsorship. Money raised will be given DIRECT to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation to support the ongoing research in finding the cure at a cellular level.

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