Off with the dreads! Beyond Blue
Off with the dreads!
Beyond Blue
Off with the dreads!
Off with the dreads!

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741 days ago, Jarrad created this page and gave everything for Beyond Blue:

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  • Raised $1,823.78.

My Story

The day has finally come, where Yosh has put his beloved dreadlocks on the line for a good cause! He's going to cut them off.. ONLY if we raise $1,500 for Beyond Blue, a charity that assists in men's mental health. In Australia, men account for 75 per cent of deaths by suicide and in 2015.. 2292 men ended their lives and he thinks that's heartbreaking. There is so much live for.
"I have had dreadlocks since I was 21, it will be a very different feeling seeing them disappear. No more will strangers approach me and ask if I have weed. It is funny the stigma people place on you because you have dreads. It's just a hairstyle and yet I get labeled a hippy, druggy and a white rasta from people who feel the need to judge others. I'd like to bring this to people's attention as Its damaging to people's self esteem. On the other hand, others would approach me and compliment me on them. They have always been a great conversation starter. The initial ice breaker of, cool dreads man. I wonder now if people will start with, neat trim friend...
I have always said that I will cut them off at 30.. I'm now 33 and I think the time has come!
Please help me reach this target, it would mean a lot!"

Send us any haircuts you think might work to www.facebook.com/sailingnandji

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