My Melbourne Marathon Mission! AQA Victoria Ltd
My Melbourne Marathon Mission!
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My Melbourne Marathon Mission!
My Melbourne Marathon Mission!

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My Story

Have you ever experienced a hard time? One of those days, weeks, months or even years where you think life is really against you? Has life ever stopped because of it? No!

Life doesn't stop just because you're having a hard time! We all wish it did but instead you have to find a way to move forward no matter what, make the best of it and enjoy as much time as you can before it's all over.

Take comfort in the fact nothing lasts forever - good or bad. That's definitely what I'll be thinking at kilometer forty!

Some people are fortunate enough not to experience really hard times, I am one of those people. Yes - everyone has tough times with ups and downs but I'm talking about the real life changing hard times.

Eight years ago my family and I had a couple of hard weeks. I suffered a spinal injury after falling from a horse. A couple of weeks - not months, not years but weeks. I found strength in the support from my family and friends, and eventually life continued like normal.

Two years ago I met an incredible girl who suffered a spinal cord injury [SCI] in a car accident when travelling home from a horse competition. Her life has changed forever.

But it hasn't stopped.

Emma Booth is now the number one para equestrian rider in Australia after just over three years since her accident. She worked tirelessly in rehab and leveraged the incredible support of her friends and family to achieve her hospital bed dream which was to ride in Rio at the Paralympic Games. Now with a public profile Emma continues to amaze not only those close to her but also the general public who have never met her.

Emma has been spending her spare time volunteer with AQA/Spire to assist others with SCI and helping them to realise that life continues, and while it is different and difficult it is worth it. Life can still be fulfilling, enjoyable and successful.

Since my own accident I have raised money for similar programs in the UK and so I'm looking forward to dedicating the year of 2017 to raising money for Spire - so please donate generously!

In return for your generous donations I will train hard for the next 10 months with an aim to finish the Melbourne Marathon in around 4 hours - anything under 4hrs 7 minutes will be a personal best!

Thank You

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