Metafit Memorial for Daniel Wilson Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Metafit Memorial for Daniel Wilson
Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Metafit Memorial for Daniel Wilson
Metafit Memorial for Daniel Wilson

My Story

Daniel introduced Australia to METAFIT (HIIT) in 2013. Since then he has trained thousands of Metafit Coaches and grown the brand to New Zealand, Asia and the USA. He poured his heart and soul into Metafit and has inspired and mentored so many people around the world. His next great cause was taking on chronic disease, with an ambitious goal of helping tens of thousands of people. He was so much more to his family and friends.
In March 2019 Daniel was diagnosed with stage 3 Gastric (stomach) cancer.
Daniel was public about his diagnosis and very brave in sharing his story with the hopes that it would inspire and support others.
In Daniels words,
“MORAL of this story. ALWAYS BE PREPARED. We should exercise and eat well to decrease the chances of chronic disease BUT sometimes we just get unlucky (the wise words of my oncologist). I'm in the best physical and emotional state for the war - I certainly won't lose! You might not always be preventing SO you better make sure you are FULLY PREPARED for the FIGHT! Exercise often, eat well, be happy, stay positive.”
Unfortunately Daniel’s battle with this aggressive late-stage cancer was lost on May 15th 2019. Just over two months from diagnosis. He was 37 years old.
Daniel wouldn’t want this to be his last story. His story is about strength. He fought till the very end, and believed in exercise is medicine, eating well, and living life to the fullest.
This is the legacy we are looking to keep alive.
Our fundraising goal is high and targeted specifically at Gastric Cancer research and early detection.
If we can reach our goal of 35k we can look at scholarship(s) in Daniel’s name. These would be awarded to students who embody the characteristics that Daniel possessed, such as his brilliant work ethic, his positive mindset and his passion for health and fitness.
All funds raised will sit in a trust with the Hudson Research Institute as we work through the details. Awarding of any scholarship will be done with Daniel’s family.

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