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 Megans Happy Craft Challenge
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 Megans Happy Craft Challenge
Megans Happy Craft Challenge

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534 days ago, Megan created this page and gave everything for Beyond Blue:

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My Story

I have been bullied online and offline for most of my life, to the point I had a stroke in 2015.

No matter what I gave up, what I sacrificed, it never was enough, I mistakenly spent years defending myself to trolls and bullies. It took something big for it to sink in that they are a waste of time, like nearly losing my life.

Even the trolls joke about that. I should just get over it apparently, it was years ago. Something they will never understand as they will never feel my pain.

After my stroke, I started crafting behind closed doors. It's been only recently I started speaking up and sharing how I've been coping to a few genuine supporters out there, and decided to create my own online HAPPY challenge, something where others might find themselves struggling online or even offline, they can turn to on social media join a supporting community and create and focus on something to be proud off. To this day now, it's truly stopped me from continuing to snap and have saved myself from many pointless arguements online and offline, I'll just go home and create and share with the happy crafters community, we don't have to talk about everything straight away we can craft, create, inspire then talk what ever works. It's opened to the community for free, I'm chasing 15,000 scrapbook pages you can see the progress via my blog. All welcome even if you just love a craft challenge you can inspire us all.

beyondblue has helped me greatly with resources on anxiety, depression and just someone to talk too, and thats why I support them.

Cheers Happy Crafting Megan

Thank You

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