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My Story

We made it. All five brothers, battled the odds, battled the conditions and above all battled the blisters, to cross the line hand in hand.

A mixture of elation and exhaustion, accomplishment and sadness, and for me, above all else 'privilege'.

I felt privileged to take part in this event and get an opportunity to visit such an amazing place and interact with such amazing people.

The privilege to be supported by so many kind and generous souls, who believed in me and my endeavor and also the cause that I care so deeply about.

Privileged to walk this journey with my four brothers and know that we departed from the dessert stronger, more connected and side by side.

This is the end of chapter one. Let's see what chapter two holds for us.....

The Beginning

The short story is I am taking part in the toughest foot race on earth and proudly supporting beyondblue.

On April 8th 2016, my 4 brothers and I will take part in the 31 Marathon des Sables the toughest foot race on earth 155-miles / 250km in 6 days. Two competitors have died in the 30 years since its inception, and thousands more have been air lifted from the race due to dehydration, fatigue and organ failure.

We will undertake the grueling multi-stage adventure, equivalent to five and a half marathons across a formidable landscape in one of the world’s most inhospitable climates. The Sahara desert…

One in five don’t finish—and there are five brothers. Will one fall to the statistic?


As part of this challenge we will also look to raise money for 5 separate charities, each charity representing a cause that has touched us personally or through our respective families.

I will be proudly supporting beyondblue

Most people in Australia have some experience with anxiety and depression. It could be your family member, your friend, your colleague, or the person that makes your coffee in the morning.

Seven Australians take their own lives every day. For men and women under the age of 45, it's the leading cause of death in this country.

Having personally lived with depression and anxiety, I want to help raise awareness for a cause that is helping 3 million people in Australia like myself.

More Information

If you would like to read more about the trials and tribulations that my brothers and I are / will go through then please follow us on:

Instagram @6days5whites

website http://www.6days5whites.com/

Blog: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/five-brothers-three-continents-one-race-marcus-white?forceNoSplash=true

Marathon des sables have also featured an article http://marathondessables.com/en/the-mds/news/1218-keep-it-in-the-family.html

Video trailer:

Who knows they may even make a documentary….

Thank You

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