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LGBTIQ Domestic Violence
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LGBTIQ Domestic Violence
LGBTIQ Domestic Violence

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My Story

Domestic violence can happen in any type of relationship or intimate partnership. This includes the LGBTIQ community. DVConnect knows that domestic violence within the LGBTIQ community is under-reported. We also know that the tactics of violence used within LGBTIQ relationships differes from others.

This is why we have created this fundraising page. So we have funds that can directly be used to help our LGBTIQ community.

While most LGBTIQ relationships are based on love and respect, like other relationships, some are based on abuse and control. Abuse and control within a relationship is domestic and family violence. When present in LGBTIQ relationships, sexual, domestic and family violence can involve perpetrators using tactics unique to those relationships. It can also involve increased risk due to the valid fears that people who identify as LGBTIQ may have about disclosing violence. These can include:

The threat of being ‘outed’ if the abused partner has not disclosed their sexuality, gender, intersex status to family, friends, workplace or cultural community;

Telling, or threatening to tell, others about HIV status (or other illness) without permission;

Applying pressure to have surgery to “normalise” a partner’s body, sex organs or physical appearance;

Pressure to confirm, look or act more ‘male’, ‘female’ or straight;

The fear of a lack of confidentiality within, or of being isolated from LGBTIQ communities;

A fear of discrimination or minimisation by police, legal systems and service providers;

Fear of non-offending parents that their right to stay with their children may be challenged due to different legal rights of LGBTIQ parents;

Financial discrimination that makes accessing shared financial resources of an LGBTIQ couple more difficult or impossible;

A fear of nowhere to go for support that is safe and culturally appropriate;
Shame and confusion around society’s assumptions that women are not violent and men cannot be victims;

Threatening to hurt or actually hurting pets;

Putting the partner down, e.g. telling them that they are ugly, stupid, worthless or incompetent;
Humiliating them in front of friends, family or in public;

Threatening to harm family members or children, or treating children in a disrespectful or abusive manner;

Undermining the relationship between the partner and their children;
Threatening to self-harm or commit suicide;

Operating video surveillance cameras and audio recording devices in the home to monitor the activities of the partner;

Monitoring the partner’s movements.
There are many more types of domestic and family violence and you can read about them here.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence and you are identify as a member of the LGBTQI community, please call us:

If you identify as female, please call 1800 811 811.
If you identify as male, please call 1800 600 636.
If you would prefer not to disclose, please call 1800 811 811.

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