Kaley's '1,000 Gifts of Sight Mission' CBM Australia
Kaley's '1,000 Gifts of Sight Mission'
CBM Australia
Kaley's '1,000 Gifts of Sight Mission'
Kaley's '1,000 Gifts of Sight Mission'

My Story

Thank you for supporting my '1,000 Gifts of Sight Mission'

Did you know you can change someone's life for just the cost of a meal?

How do you think your life would be if you were blind?

Picture this.

You wake up in the morning, open your eyes but the world is still pitch dark. You can’t see your loved ones’ faces. You can’t see if your kids or your partner are smiling or not. You struggle to do the basic tasks like making yourself breakfast. Your ability to work and make a living and provide for your family is limited. You feel extra insecure and you live in constant fear because you have no idea what’s coming next…..

Can you imagine how helpless, lonely and desperate you would feel if this was you?

What if I told you that 36 million people in the world are living in blindness? And 90% of them are from developing countries...

Do you know what the saddest part of this statistic is? 80% of all vision impairment globally is considered avoidable or curable with treatments.

Cataracts, responsible for over 65% - 22 million cases of blindness - can be cured by surgery that takes only 12 minutes and costs just $33.

Yes, you read it right. For less than the cost of a movie and dinner, you can significantly improve someone’s life permanently – by giving them the precious gift of sight.

For just $33, you can help enable a mum to finally see her children’s faces for the first time; enable a child to go to school like other kids or a dad to work and earn a living to support his family; a gift of hope for the whole family.

Please help me with my new mission, raise funds for 1,000 cataract surgeries and restore sight for 1,000 people in developing countries by 2020.

Please help me help them by giving whatever you can using the 'Give Now' button.

Please spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity; it means a lot and is greatly appreciated!

Kaley Chu

Thank You

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