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My Story

Lead by Harry Garland, the Swim for Proudie team is once again getting behind Warrick Proudlove for the 2016 Rottnest Channel Swim.

For former Claremont Football Club teammates and friends – Harry Garland (solo swim), Tom Taylor, Coleman Cristenelli, Patrick Jannings and Jordan Aitken (team) – the Swim for Proudie is close to their heart. Harry, Tom, Jordan, Patrick, and Coleman have always had a passion for sport, particularly swimming and football. Playing for Claremont Football Club when they were 18, they met Warrick Proudlove, a boy with an equal passion for the game, dedication, incredible talent, and kind nature.

Their dedication has rubbed off on their peers recruiting Chris Guard (solo), Simon Hunt (solo), Adelaide Garland and Millie Martino (duo) to help with their efforts this year.

The struggles that Warrick and his family have faced since he was in a tragic accident in 2011, leaving him with serious neurological damage, have inspired Harry and the team to Swim for Proudie and take on the grueling 20 kilometer open water swim to raise money for the continued care and treatment of Warrick.

Warrick can’t talk or communicate, but from time to time he shows that he recognises voices by blinking or giving a thumbs up. Over the year Warrick has made some big improvements, even managing to stand with the help of his physios, for the first time in over four years. He has good and bad days but his family says that he has a long way to go – and that long way is the rest of his life.

Last year the Swim for Proudie team managed to raise just shy of an incredible $23,000. They hope that this year they will be able to continue the support of Warrick’s rehabilitation and spread awareness of the Proudies Foundation.

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