Giving it up in support of those who are doing it tough R U OK?
Giving it up in support of those who are doing it tough
Giving it up in support of those who are doing it tough
Giving it up in support of those who are doing it tough

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My Story

While we all get sad sometimes, some people experience sadness intensely over a long period of time. While the signs are sometimes easy to spot, we often find it hard to check on others that may be going through depression.

Here are the facts:
Depression affects 1 million Australians over any one-year span, and Anxiety affects 2 million.

Almost eight people end their lives each day.

A big sign of depression is when one loses interest in the things they used to enjoy. This can affect anyone, anytime and anywhere, even in academia. So, we decided, @GrasLab, to give up something we love in support of those going through depression.
Each $ will go to RUOK?TM an organization that brings to attention the importance of connecting with others with the simple question: “Are you OK?”.
By helping someone who is losing interest, we can help prevent them feeling like a burden LONG before thoughts of suicide develop.

Each member of our Lab has decided to give up things they (REALLY) enjoy for the all September, and it’s going to be tough !!!

Lab head Stephanie Gras has decided to give up cheese which is a huge deal for a French girl.

Our Multimedia expert Nicolas Faramaz will be giving up his ultimate enjoyment: chocolate.

Our post-doc Christopher Szeto is quadrupling down with giving up: meat, alcohol, carbonated drinks AND coffee (the life force of scientist). Post-doc Dimitra Chatzileontiadou is giving up all sweets!!!

Keeping up with the sugar theme, honours students Hannah Sloane and Hayden Robson will be giving up sugar and sugary drinks respectively (with added meat-free diet for Hayden), while Shivangi Ganatra will double down by giving up: alcohol + fast foods.
All huge sacrifices for any undergrad student!

Research assistant Dhilshan Jayasinghe, lover of Italian cuisine, will be giving up: pizza + pasta… that’s amore! And research assistant Hanim Halim will be striving for a healthier lifestyle by drinking 2L of water daily and going to the gym everyday for at least 15mins (cycling/running).

Finally our PhD students, who enjoy many things, especially if its edible.
Andrea Nguyen -the spearhead of this challenge- will be giving up fizzy drinks and ALL fast food, while Christian Lobos, our resident occasional ‘borracho’ will be giving up all alcohol.

Good Luck to all of you guys, and well done on caring for others – Stephanie, proud lab head surrounded by amazing scientists.

Our goal is $1500

Thank You

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