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Our Story

Hi friends and family we are BOX-HYPHEN,

A boutique Boxing and Entertainment company who have formulated from a gap in the boxing entertainment industry. We developed this entertainment concept based around atmosphere. From the much loved Australian 'day drinking culture' like A day at the races fusion with, multiple talented acts and of course.... the main entertainment.... Boxing.

Each fighter listed in the team below has their own fundraising channel specifically so you can back your chosen fighter, family member, friend or just because! Each fighter is aiming to raise as much money as possible. All funds are completely transparent and delivered 100% on the terms and conditions agreed by LIVIN.ORG and EVERYDAY HERO. By no means are any funds raised and or accessible to BOX-hyphen in any way shape or form.

Below is an insight on who we are supporting for this event and why!


LIVIN was founded on the Gold Coast, Australia in honour of a great man Dwayne Lally who like many others took his life after suffering in silence from a mental illness. LIVIN is all about living your life at the top and breaking the stigma around mental health. Connecting, supporting and encouraging one another to talk about their feelings and challenges because “It Ain’t Weak to Speak”. Through the development of cutting edge education programs, apparel and community awareness initiatives, LIVIN are launching a generational change. Let’s unite to help people start LIVIN again.

“Breaking the stigma of mental health.”

Help promote wellness and positive living for young people through awareness and early education programs.
Encourage young people to be open, engage in conversation and be vulnerable.
Connect to young people through innovative means.
Create a movement with a brand that makes mental health relatable and that people can build an enduring relationship with.

Please see below to find your chosen fighters Profile to support/donate to back their battle of honour. It take courage to get in the ring to fight and heart to do it for charity.

We appreciate your kindness and generosity!

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