Adam's journey to the 2017 New York Marathon Achilles Running Club
Adam's journey to the 2017 New York Marathon
Achilles Running Club
Adam's journey to the 2017 New York Marathon
Adam's journey to the 2017 New York Marathon

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My Story

Hi, thanks for joining me on my journey to the 2017 TCS New York marathon. I am incredibly appreciative of your support to help get me there.

A little bit about me: if you haven't already guessed, my name is Adam Koops and I am Blind. After a difficult start and many years of not having any direction in life, I’ve finally found something that I truly love. I was raised by my wonderful mum with very limited support. I was diagnosed with a rare eye condition very early in my childhood, and underwent more than 30 operations to save my sight, but buy the age of 17 I lost sight in my left eye, and by the age of 22 I had lost sight in both. After many years, I finally received the best gift of all and the catalyst to take control of my life, Usher my Seeing eye Dog. I had, by this stage, put on a lot of weight due to a sedentary isolated life and resultant depression.

After regaining some independence with the help of Usher I completed my diploma in remedial massage, graduating at the top of my class. This course enlightened me as to what I was doing to my body and sparked a need inside of myself to do something about my physical health. Finally after a long search and knock backs from more than a dozen gyms that couldn’t or wouldn’t accommodate me I found Tommy at Fit Life A guy who encouraged me in so many ways. I went from 125Kgs to 87 Kgs, a big change not just physically but mentally as well. I then progressed from the gym and boot camps to starting to run at park run with the aid of a sighted guide. Parkrun is a free 5km running event held every Saturday morning. From there with the help of some very generous guides I have built myself up to competing in full marathons. Special thanks to Achilles Melbourne, which is a club with which caters for athletes with visionimpairment and also TXR runners (Track, Cross Country and Road) who provide me with additional guides and the opportunity to train. Not only am I now completing marathons, but doing amazingly well with my times. I have now completed 3 full marathons and many more smaller events, my most recent event was racing against puffing billy through the hills of Mt Dandenong ranges.

My next big goal, is to do the New York city marathon, every marathon runners dream. I applied and recently had my entry confirmed. OMG what an honour to even be accepted. Achilles international has organised a sighted guide for me, now all I have to do is get there!!!

One of the biggest lessens that I’ve learnt in my life is that I’m only as good as the people that I have around me. And I am lucky to have some fantastic people in my life, that have helped me out on many levels.

Please be one of those people to help me achieve my NYC Marathon dream!!!

Thanking you in advance

Adam Koops

Thank You

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