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As the coach of a small running group in Ringwood, Victoria – AYB Runners – we have been proud, in the past, to support the Angela Taylor Run every April/May with proceeds going to the Blue Ribbon Foundation. With several police officers and first responders in our running group, and also having a family member in the Vic police force who has suffered from severe job related PTSD, this is something that is close to our hearts as we have experienced first hand some of our friends and family suffering and in pain from PTSD and suicide.

So when I became aware of the great work that is being done by the Fighting PTSD VicPol campaign I was keen to offer our support and help raise awareness of this serious issue. Because, whilst we can be sympathetic with what they go through, it is hard to truly understand the traumas of the job and what they see and deal with every single day. Sometimes things that most of us can never even imagine. As such, we feel that offering this support is the least we can do. And I am super proud that we are now officially partnering with them to help out on this extremely important campaign!

The Fighting PTSD VicPol campaign is using triathlons and running events to raise awareness of this issue and similarly we will be fundraising and raising awareness via various running events throughout the year. After all, physical exercise is a great way to help battle the black dog! We are a small group so have set our sights on raising $5000 for the campaign to start with. But we are keen to continue raising funds beyond that too. All proceeds go to the Blue Ribbon Mental Health Fund, as well as towards hospital engagement, and also creating a specialised emergency services PTSD clinic.

Throughout the coming year our runners will be pulling on the lycra, tying thier shoelaces and sweating through the following events (as well as others we haven't yet decided on) 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️😁 :

• Warburton Up & Running
• Maroondah Night Run
• Run for the Kids
• Puffing Billy Train Race
• Angela Taylor Memorial Run
• Great Ocean Road Marathon
• The Trail Running Series – Westerfolds, Silvan, Smiths Gully, Anglesea, Studley Park
• Run Melbourne
• Run for the Hills Lysterfield
• Medibank Melbourne Marathon
• Run for the Firies, Eltham

I ask with my hand on my heart to please help those who help us by giving whatever you can to this worthy cause. And to also help spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family too!

Thanks you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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