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My Story

Dr Anthony Seymour has run, with friends, to raise money for his son’s school Wairoa, over the past 4 years. Anthony’s son, James, has autism. He has been at the school since 2007. James is now a young adult of 18 years and now has left school, but is still unable to talk. He still needs care and support as he now moves into his next step in life. This has been daunting as there are many providers and a greater flexibility as to what can be done for James. The National Disability Scheme is still in its infancy and as it rolls out, many past organisations are now merged or no longer exist. This can be very confusing and frustrating at times. We are also looking to get respite care as James can be up in the middle of the night, leading to some very tired and emotionally wrecked parents!
We are grateful for the support from our family and friends. Even listening to our concerns means we are not alone. We will still be running but it may be also for other organisations. This area is a difficult area for all concerned – the parents, the person with the disability when the parents are no longer around, the providers, and the carers.
We know that there are people who care and want to make changes for the better. We really appreciate all the people who have helped us in the life of James. They are like precious diamonds!


Established in 1958, Inala has a proud history of supporting individuals living with disability to reach their full potential through flexible accommodation, day services and community support.
Inala provides access to a great variety of individualised programs that recognise the abilities and support the aspirations and development of each person, providing opportunities for all-round personal growth, skills, development, self-esteem and independence.
Inala’s Eastern Suburbs service – Miroma - offers an innovative “integrated options” model of service delivery. Miroma’s three coordinated centres, provide the opportunity to explore different aspects of personal development, artistic skills, independence and pre- vocational skills at each centre and within the community.
Proceeds raised from my run will support Miroma, helping them to continue to provide a flexible range of human centred services, programs and lifestyle supports that help individuals living with disability to reach their full potential.
We have been raising money for 9 years for children, and now adults, with disabilities.
Again thanks for your support. We really appreciate it!

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