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1195 days ago, Louise created this page and gave everything for Cancer Council Queensland:

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My Story

Update January 2018

Hi everyone - we are closing out this part of our fundraiser today. We cant thank everyone enough for your contribution to starting this amazing service. The pilot running out of the RBH is doing amazingly with two cars both very busy. Thanks everyone for your help, you made this happen. Over and out from Ray and me, thanks for standing with us to make something important happen.

Hi everyone – I’m Louise Perram-Fisk and this is my personal fundraiser with the love of my life, Ray.

November 2017 update: A big thanks to everyone from Ray and myself - to all who has supported the launch of Transport to Treatment. A special thanks to the first corporate donor to support Ray and I with a car for CCQ, Matthew TenKate and the team at Major Training Group RTO 6139. Last week the service was officially launched in Brisbane so watch out for the Cancer Council Queensland car sponsored by Major Training on the road taking patients to treatment. What do we need now? Continued financial support (big and small) to keep the current cars on the road and more cars to expand the service in 2018. Donate at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/Transport2treatment for Transport to Treatment or Cancer Council Queensland at https://cancerqld.org.au/.

UPDATE: August 2017
Well a lot has happened in a very short time. Cancer Council Qld already has the service running in Cairns with close to 200 trips in 6 weeks! We have a car in Brisbane ready to go on the road in 6 weeks as the Brisbane pilot, with other cars in the planning stage due to the generosity of corporate sponsors - stay tuned! We have some other sponsors coming on board to support the running costs and we already are training volunteers to drive the patients. And all of you on here have donated towards making this happen - together as a tribe - we did this! We look forward to confirming a Brisbane launch date and hope you can join us for launch the very first Brisbane trip. Anyway to go back to the beginning, read on.

I’m here because I care about two things quite a bit – beating cancer and I love transport, having worked in it most of my career. So I’m now part of an incredible team that works hard at #CancerCouncilQld to support cancer patients and their families. This page brings together those two things, transport and beating cancer.

The thing is, cancer now impacts me personally. I’m in chemo treatment for aggressive breast cancer right now. Here’s some scary statistics – one person is diagnosed with cancer in Queensland every 20 minutes. All of us know someone who is affected. Lots of you know me, or our friends going through this right now - Anthony, Craig, Terry, Kayleen, Harvee, Maxene, Jen – there’s lots of us. Then there’s those we’ve lost – Susan, John - the list is far too long.

We all have to go to and from treatment of all sorts. And that in itself can be a challenge for many. This page is to rasie funds so that CCQ can start the ‘Transport to Treatment” or #T2T program for Brisbane.

What do we need?

· A car – for CCQ to co-brand with you to take people to treatment and home again. To reduce financial pressure and make them feel safe and loved. We’ll take a short-term or long term loan or donation – anything will help.

· Any small donations to cover fuel, insurance and parking. The smallest donation, not much more than a cup of coffee, can be enough to cover one transport to treatment. You will remove the burden from one person carrying a bigger load than they should have to right now.

Once this service is running, we'll do everything possible to keep it going and become part of business as usual at CCQ. You will be part of the start of something really special. We hope you’ll all attend and be part of the launch of this service that will change lives – you will change lives. That’s one day I’ll never forget and one photo I will value forever.

As a great buddy, Dee said to me this week, “YOU happened to cancer, Cancer did NOT happen to you. This thing has no idea what it’s gotten itself into…” So help me show it that we as a tribe #T2T mean business and we won’t be stopped.

Thank You

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