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954 days ago, The NICU Beard Club created this page in support of Royal Women's Hospital Foundation.

During this time, the 9 members of The NICU Beard Club gave everything:

  • Shared their page with everyone they could.

  • Received 255 donations from generous family and friends.

  • Raised $20,389.74.

Our Story


Lets JOIN forces and raise donations to support Dads with a baby in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

After having twins in 2013 that were 10 weeks and 1 day early, plus a number of blue light episodes, I've created the NICU Beard Club open to anyone who has been touched by the challenges of NICU Dads.

New book reveals how Dads can Quarterback their family's NICU experience using the experiences of past NICU Dads as a guide.

Announcing the launch of “Enter the NICU” by The NICU Beard Club, (formerly Books for Beards).


Its been a year on tracking down NICU Dads and speaking with them about their NICU experiences. Its been an honour and a privilege as these gentlemen have shared everything about their experiences.

Once again, I am proud to partner with the Royal Womens’ Hospital in bringing this campaign to fruition.

Im also putting the call out to ALL MEN to grow a beard from 1st August to the 3rd September, which is Father's Day. And in doing so raise money to support the NICU Dads currently on the “inside"

What that means is that we have a chance at making the experience less stressful. more bearable for future NICU Dads.

If you want to find out how to be the master of your current or upcoming Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) experience then this is the most important book you will ever read.

If you would like to help your son going through NICU right now, then this is the most important book you will ever give him.

If you would like to support your brother going through NICU right now or is likely to soon, then this is the most important gift you can give..

If you want to support your male friend going through NICU right now, the most important book he will ever read is available for you to give him.

If you want to support Dads doing it tough in NICU, then this is the most important donation you will ever make.

Here’s why.

Its been written by past NICU Dads for current and future NICU Dads and is based on real experiences and practical solutions to negotiate the NICU environment.

But first, a warning.

Before we go any further, let me make one thing abundantly clear.

This book isnt going to solve every problem a NICU Dad experiences or substitute working through challenges with your partner, or be a magic wand to make everything right.

Its not.

But what it will do is give you the insights of men who made it out the other side of NICU.

Men who are Dads who have been through the NICU doors before and have worked their way through the experience.

I believe it can help NICU Dads and families better understand the what is ahead of them and how to negotiate it like a boss.

However, I’m not suggesting that every on who reads this book or donates will experience an improvement in their lives. I don’t know how much the Dads that read it will follow the insights.

It’s likely that many of them will not be supported because they don’t read it or follow the insights or adapt them to their own particular circumstances.

Chances are we have never met and I don’t want to insult your intelligence by telling you this book will solve every problem for a NICU Dad.

At the end of the day, only a NICU Dad can Quarterback his own experience. Not me, not a book, not a seminar, a doctor or a nurse. Not even his partner. Just him.

With that said, let me jump right in and show you exactly what you are getting.

First of all, this isnt like any other parenting book you might have read!

This is dramatically different because its more of a "field guide” of ways a Dad can Quarterback his NICU experience than a traditional book has ever offered before.

There is no fluffer or filler or “well-meaning” content written by people who haven’t experienced the ups and downs of a NICU.

Its just battle-tested NICU Dad tactics that are working right now.

And its easy to read.

Its around 100 pages, so Dads can read it in an afternoon and you will immediately get everything we have been working on for the past 12 months working with a very special bunch of NICU Dads who have generously donated their time.

Its about more than just parenting.

Its about giving NICU Dads and supporting families and friends with insights about how to:
* manage their first 72 hours in NICU,
* support their partner through the experience,
* look after themselves, as well as
* negotiate with extended family,
* negotiate work requirements
* support existing kids, and
* paying bills.

For example, some of the strategies in supporting a partner also extend beyond the NICU experience as well as the ways in which people lived their lives.

And developing negotiating skills in the hospital which then transfer outside the hospital to work and to life in general.

Developing empathy and communication styles with your partner that are even more empathetic and understanding than you ever thought possible.

Recently, a family friend, lets call him David knew his wife was going to have a premature birth and a cesaerean.

I shared with David some of the strategies that are revealed in this book and within 20 minutes he felt significantly more prepared for what he was about to face at the NICU.

He even kindly sent me some feedback about that short conversation we had:

I called Rad to get some advice as my wife is pregnant with twins.

I knew that Rad had experience with the NICU and I thought it would be good to get his advice as my wife is 33 weeks and anything could happen at this point.

There is a lot of information to read online which can often be overwhelming.

Speaking to Rad really helped as he was able to share his own experience, stories and advice.

He was able to help me visualise what it would be like in the NICU and what I could expect if we needed to go there.

He also provided some helpful tips that I was able to digest now so I am ready if I need to go there.

As Rad has also spoken to other dads, his approach was great.

It was exactly what I needed.

He was very patient, thoughtful and extremely insightful.

He was also able to provide more information in case my wife needed a cesarean.

Again this is a topic that you could read about extensively online, but it's not the same as speaking to someone.

I called Rad as I was feeling a little nervous about what to expect during labour and after the babies are born.

I came away feeling a lot more comfortable and am very thankful for the help I received.

Like I said, there is more to this book than just parenting.

Here is a fraction of what is included:

  • How to negotiate the caesarean experience even if you have never been in an operating theatre before
  • You need to provide solid motivational support during caesarean right? Wrong! Discover what the partners of our NICU Dads did while their partner was undergoing a caesarean
  • The top 3 tips about how to survive NICU and its not all about the medical procedures
  • Where to find support when you need it most
  • How to eliminate stress levels once you have entered the NICU
  • What you should never say to your partner in a Caesarean situation
  • Why not knowing a lot about a NICU helps you focus on what’s really important - you partner and your kids
  • Say goodbye to old hands off parenting styles - and how Kangaroo cuddles become a NICU Dad’s best time with their child.
  • The truth about what it’s like as a NICU Dad to quarterback the experience as the head of the family unit
  • What to do if you have run out of ideas to support your partner and family
  • When its OK to take some time for yourself despite the turmoil
  • If you know someone about to become a NICU Dad, this book could be the most valuable thing anybody does for him

That’s a lot of battle tested NICU Dad strategies to help improve the experience and its stuff you won’t have seen anywhere else because no one else is talking about it.

But it gets better because you are also getting some cool stuff from The NICU Beard Club to show your NICU Dad you are supporting him.

For donations $500 or more, you will receive a NICU Beard branded Cap, Hoodie and Tshirt worth almost $150 RRP.

For donations of $250-$499 you get to choose two items; either a Cap, a Hoodie or a Tshirt worth $30-$75 RRP.

For donations of $125 you get either a NICU Beard Club branded Cap or a T-shirt.

You will be able to keep whatever gear you want or you can gift to a NICU Dad to show your support for what they are going through.

Sometimes its the simplest gestures from friends and family while you are in a NICU that can give you the biggest boost.

Even just the reminder that as a NICU Dad, you are not alone and people, loved ones, family and friends are looking out for you.

Here is what to do next:

The cost of providing this book to each NICU Dad is $30 - thats the price that will be the Recommended Retail Price because it will be both an amazing read and incredibly helpful for NICU Dads.

Current NICU Dads need to get this book through their hospital who will have a code (or if they haven't yet they need to get in touch with me ASAP!).

But future NICU Dads will get the best value because they can prepare and be in the best place to manage their upcoming NICU experiences.

Something that current wisdom suggests that “you just can’t prepare for.

Wrong. Wrong!

Expectant Dads CAN prepare and this book is shows future NICU Dads they can prepare and quarterback their whole experience.

And so to support future NICU Dads with a donation of $125, we can reach 6 NICU Dads and you can score a cool cap or T-shirt. Also, there is a manufacturer’s warranty on the merchandise, so you are covered for any craftmanship and quality.

For donations of $250-$499 you get to choose two items; either a Cap, a Hoodie or a Tshirt worth $30-$75 RRP.

And for genuine legends supporting NICU Dads, any contribution over $500 gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have helped, PLUS the full merch pack!

PLUS every donor that opts to stay in contact will get a copy of the book to read and regift or just gift. It’s a game changer and I want you to have a copy.

Every donor will also have their name inscribed in the book as a supporter and all round legend really for helping those who are being challenged as humans.

And in case you are wondering, there is no catch when you donate to The NICU Beard Club and the Royal Women’s Hospital.

You will need to opt in if you want to keep in touch and hear from us every now and then. But other than that there is no catch in donating.

The Womens is one of the most trusted and revered hospitals in the modern world and are amazing partners to work with.

I’m literally putting my hand in my own pocket to fund this initiative with the support of The Womens, so that I can help Dads doing it tough in the NICU.

So when I say there is no catch - THERE IS NO CATCH!

But we don’t have long.

NICU Dads need this book written for them, about them.

Beard Growing Season starts August 1st and ends on Father’s Day, September 3 2017. That’s just over 28 days of prime beard growing weather!


Time is of the essence and the NICU Beard merchandise will sell out very quickly! I am calmly confident that we will sell out of merchandise almost instantly - so DONT MISS OUT!!!

Why? Because many people will jump on board once we have finalise the entire experience.

Plus the guarantee for merchandise quality…

How is that for fair?!

This is a truly limited offer until September 3, so make your donation and get your Cap, Tshirt, Hoodie and your copy of the book now before they are all gone.

IMPORTANT: Press the big GREEN BUTTON that says DONATE and give an amount that you feel personally aligned to offer.

Its that simple.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to seeing your name on the “Wall of Legends”.

Hope to be hear from you soon.


Radford White

on behalf of The NICU Beard Club

PS In case you are one of those people that just skip right to the end and read the PS, here’s the deal.

I’ve spent the last 12 months meeting with past NICU Dads to bring to light the amazing ways in which they managed themselves while a child of theirs was in the NICU.

The book will launch on Father’s Day.

Im also offering merchandise based on the level of contribution you make, so you can show your support for The NICU Dads Club.

And for genuine legends supporting NICU Dads, any contribution over $500 gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have supported 30 NICU Dads in need with a copy of “Enter the NICU", PLUS you get the full merch pack of Cap, Tshirt and Hoodie!

For donations of $250-$499 you get to choose two items; either a Cap, a Hoodie or a Tshirt worth $30-$75 RRP. Looking good!

With a donation of $125, we can reach 6 NICU Dads with our book and you can score a cool cap or T-shirt. Included is a manufacturer’s warranty on the merchandise, so you are covered for craftmanship and quality.

This program runs on goodwill and being helpful.

On top of the merch, everyone who donates will get a copy of the book (please tick the box that says you want to hear from us so we can send it!).

So just go up to the GREEN BUTTON that says DONATE and make a personal contribution that feels aligned or you.

Hope to see your name on the "Wall of Legends”!

PPS How to Join The NICU Beard Club

Create Your EveryDay Hero Account https://supporter.help-au.everydayhero.com/hc/en-us/articles/208276713-How-do-I-create-a-fundraising-page-

Once you have created your Everyday Hero personal page, now come and join The NICU Beard Club:
Note: To join a team you will need to have registered for The Sunflower Foundation Wellness Walk and have an individual fundraising page.
1. Visit your personal fundraising page and log in by clicking the 'Log in' button in the top right corner.

  1. After you have logged in, scroll down the page and click the 'Join an existing team' link on the right hand side.

  2. Search for The NICU Beard Club and connect by entering the Team Name.

  3. Click on the 'Join This Team' to the right of the team's name

  4. Congratulations, you are now a member of the team and your page will be displayed under the 'Team Members' section on the Team page.

6 Set yourself a target that’s fun and a challenge!

7 Grow a beard that only you can produce and post its progress on the Facebook page or Instagram and tag #NICUBeard

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