70.3 Busselton Ironman {Doing It For A Cause} Beyond Blue
70.3 Busselton Ironman {Doing It For A Cause}
Beyond Blue
70.3 Busselton Ironman {Doing It For A Cause}
70.3 Busselton Ironman {Doing It For A Cause}

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My Story

I have watched my partner compete in the Ironman events from the sideline for many years. Over this time, it has never ceased to amaze, inspire and move me in so many ways.

At the start I was inspired on an emotional level; in awe of what these people were doing, many competing in their own personal race - either for their own health or for that of a loved one. My emotional inspiration has now transformed into a physical one, too. I now want to be out there, pushing my mental boundaries and putting myself to the challenging, physical test.

The benefits of this on my own health and lifestyle will be extraordinary, but I also want to do this for a greater cause; to make myself accountable and maybe inspire another to do something they never dreamed they could. I am learning to swim again, starting with one lap at a time, a year and a half ago I couldn't run as much as 5kms and I've just recently bought my first bike. So as you can imagine, this is going to be a stretch, but I know the feeling of completing this challenge will forever trump giving up along the way.

The reason for my charity of choice, beyondblue, is for their amazing work and awareness they bring to the community about anxiety, depression and suicide.

In 2011 my sister nearly ended her life in unfortunate circumstances. She was put into an induced coma with life-threatening head injuries. Fortunately she was the perfect candidate for a medical trial in the ICU of Royal Alfred Hospital. I believe this saved her life and helped her towards her full recovery. Events like these are what change your perspective on EVERYTHING and make you realise just how precious life really is.

The second important reason is because for most of my 20's I suffered differing degrees of anxiety. Through some eye-opening counselling, I learned vital life skills that I still implement today. I work on my self development everyday and love nothing more than to challenge myself. Swimming is bringing back some anxiety but I know if I face it head on, I will conquer my fears.

I know my story of anxiety isn't rare or different. I hear of stories like this everyday. The more we share and talk about it, the less scary it becomes. Our environment and the choices we make can shape our wellbeing. Positive vibes is definitely the key to keeping mine in check... along with a good dose of yoga!

I want to make my life count and by doing so, hope to help someone along the way, too.

On the 3rd May 2014 I will be competing in the Busselton 70.3 Ironman. My inspiration and motivation on this day, and through my training, will be my sister.

If she can survive a serious trauma and learn to talk, walk, live and love again I can surely swim 1.9km, ride 90km and run 21.2km, right? EASY!

I'd be extremely grateful and thankful if you'd like to get behind my journey. You can do this by donating to my cause here on this site and by following my training for the event on the fb page -


Look forward to seeing you at the finish line!

Mon x

Thank You

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