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1569 days ago, Emma created this page and gave everything for Whitelion :

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My Story


Youth can change the world!

I’ve started this page because I'd like to make a difference; I’m inspired by the work of Whitelion. Please help me help them by donating to this wonderful cause. Thank you in advance for your generosity

Those of you that know me well know that I have a passion for assisting troubled youth, as well as this I have a passion for photography.

The project I’m currently working on is known as #4YBY For Youth By Youth, more specifically ‘in disposable youth’. I have purchased (with my own money) a large quantity of disposable cameras, I’ll be handing these out to troubled youth (both in Melbourne and other states) to take images with, included will be a prepaid return pack and if all goes well these cameras will make there way back to me. 

The end goal will be to produce a Zine (small magazine) with the best images. I've always wanted to create a Zine and thought this would be a good opportunity to provide youth with a platform to have a voice and give them something to be proud of. In a world of terrible temptation I would love for this to act as a welcomed distraction and plant a seed of motivation in the minds of these young people. Ultimately, I'd really hope that this would fuel a passion for them to either pursue photography or any other hobby they're interested in, rather then the other destructive habits people are thrusted toward on the streets

The reality of the matter is that most of these kids are in these situations due to unavoidable circumstances; more likely then not due to family violence, breakdown etc. So, lets break this cycle, reengage the youth and give these young people another shot at life

I've decided to donate any funds raised to the wonderful organisation that is Whitelion specifically their Chatterbox Youth Outreach bus. They dedicate their time to assisting young people aged between 12 and 25 who are disengaged from society.  It provides food, clothing, blankets, condoms, clean syringes, crisis support, information and a drop-in centre, as it visits known hot spots. I’ve been volunteering on their youth outreach bus for some time and have seen first hand the wonderful work they do. 

So, can you spare a bit of money and support this cause?

What can your money go towards?

$10 - water, snacks, drinks, toiletries, food vouchers

$20 - Blankets, Meals, Food vouchers, health supplies, loaded Myki 

$50 - Sleeping Bags, Clothing, Shoes, internet recharge for the bus, Crisis support etc.

So how about……
*Rather than buying your lunch this week at work, how about bringing your own lunch and provide a week of meals to a young person

*Rather than shouting your mates a round of drinks this weekend, how about shouting some young kids a place to sleep over the weekend

*Watch a movie in rather then out and pay for internet recharge on the bus so that the young kids can jump online when they visit us

*Rather than buying that top that you probably really don’t need anyway how about putting that towards a much-needed piece of clothing e.g. jumper for a young person to get through the cold nights

*Go without pampering yourself so that a young girl can have some much needed health/sanitary items

*Trade in the luxury of your own car this week and take the train/tram/bus to work, the money you save on parking in the city can go towards a loaded myki for a young person to travel with ease (depending on where you park it could pay for a young person to travel for a month-ha) *Rather than blowing money on that new paleo/vegan/juice diet, put that extra money (which you will be ripped off for) into buying a food voucher/food package for a young person so that they don't go without food for a week or so

*Rather than buying the latest Timberlands/Nikes, how about making do with the new pair you bought last week and putting that money towards buying a pair of closed shoes for a young person, which may be the only proper pair they have 

Congratulations, you've made it this far through my ramble. Just take a further 3 minutes to donate the money you will have saved from the above ……………..

If you have any suitable material aid you can donate please don't hesitate to email me at Emma.formica@gmail.com

If you'd like further info about this project or about Whitelion pls email me and I can link you in with some information

To read more about the wonderful work that Whitelion does please read below:

Whitelion is a non-profit organisation established over 15 years ago to fill a desperate need in the community. The charity opens doors to opportunities, positive relationships and community connections for youth at risk with practical support such as mentoring programs; employment and supportive youth outreach programs. The young people Whitelion works with are among the most disadvantaged members of our communities who often come from abusive families. 

Some Statistics: There are around 50,000 vulnerable young people in Australia, 15,000 are at high risk and 32,000 aged between 12 to 24 years are homeless.

The Chatterbox bus is a mobile outreach service that operates five nights per week in Melbourne and Sydney. The bus is a regular fixture of the inner city night scape and is a trusted link to services for the many homeless youth who engage with it. The bus visits areas in the Sydney and Melbourne CBD where street frequenting young people are known to congregate and provides material aid, food, computer and Internet access as well as providing young people the opportunity to talk to bus staff about issues they are facing. Young people that require intensive support are referred to an Open Family Australia Outreach Worker for ongoing case management.

Thank You

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