31 Marathons in 31 Days Top Livin
31 Marathons in 31 Days
Top Livin
31 Marathons in 31 Days
31 Marathons in 31 Days

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My Story

My name is Jake Malby, just your average dude that lives on the Gold Coast and loves to run. I’ve never been a runner and only got the bug two and a half years ago. Much like many endurance athletes, I took up running when I was at the bottom point of my life. Suffering in silence with depression and anxiety since I was 16years of age. During my early 20s every day I would wake up and portray a happy, talkative person. A fake persona can beat you into the ground, I turned to drugs and alcohol to suppress how I was feeling emotionally and quickly I reached a point where being around myself in a conscious state I turned to thoughts of self-harm. I wasn’t confident in the person I was becoming. At the end of August I reached out to my older brother Ben and Wife Darcelle, they took me instantly to give me the much-needed help and guidance I needed to get myself back from the deep hole I was in. Constantly I would see my brother Ben running hundreds of kilometres week by week, when I thought it wasn’t humanly possible to run much more, he would leave for another 4hrs. I couldn’t fathom the enjoyment in putting yourself through the pain… October 2nd 2016, I laced up my shoes, no training and no Idea what I was about to embark on. After the most defining 25km of my life I was hooked, the high was better than any drug and the feeling of achievement filled my mind so that no negative thoughts could. Soon after I started running, I had a taste of the ultra-scene. I feel the mental resilience built through my upbringing allows me to keep running. When I sit and soak in the training the feeling is like nothing else. Now I am hooked...

I’m now reaching out to you, as a community to help me spread the word and break the stigma behind mental health and raise awareness with suicide prevention. You can help me by donating to this cause that means so much to myself along with a lot of other people. I will be fundraising for LIVIN.ORG, a non-for-profit organization that does so much for this community in raising awareness. Hosting early education programs to show the young generation. “It Ain’t Weak to Speak” this quote resonates with me strongly as it’s something I did to get myself out of the trouble I was in. Starting August 1st, I will be tackling my biggest physical and mental challenge to date and run the distance of a marathon everyday for 31 days straight and by doing so I hope to raise my target goal for LIVIN. 295.4km a week, 1,308.2km a month. The idea is to get the community together and come and share some k’s with me and have a chat, even if your not a runner and want to come for some time on the legs, it would be beautiful to hear your story or would I love to share more about mine.

Thank You

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